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Indiana Jones, 19th Birthday Party

Posted on Friday May 23, 2008 at 1:00am in ,

It’s been a lonnnng week. But, a good one. The first big thing is, did I ever mention that I got an A on that research paper I did? Well, I did, yup! All that work payed off. Secondly, I’m all moved in to the house now. On Sunday, we celebrated my birthday for the first time with my grandparents.

Yayyy. Then, nothing much happened on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday was a big day. I went and got my driver’s license renewed and Mackenzie passed her driver’s test finally so we both got licenses! Then, I reinstated my car insurance so I can drive again! Then, I went and sold a bunch of my old video games and with that I was able to get a free copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 and half off of Rachet and Clank Future. Not bad! I wasn’t expecting all those old games to go for so much money. I filled out a bunch of job applications. Blockbuster, Family Video and Petco all look promising. They all seem interested in me. That night, Mike called me and said that he had free tickets to the midnight show of Indiana Jones 4 if I wanted to go see it. I said I’d go.

It was pretty great. It was a lot like the first three. Lots of action, very exciting, and plenty of paranormal mysteries. It was a good conclusion to a good series.

Today I finally got my car fixed so it doesn’t shake anymore! Also, with my new great GPA I save $150 on my car insurance! Great news. At 7, my friends and I met at Outback Steakhouse to celebrate my birthday. It was a lot of fun. They got me gifts. Bryan got me Paris, Je T’aime – a great movie: highly recommended.

Kayla and Larry got me American Beauty.

And Mike got me that free Indiana Jones movie I guess. Haha. Outback got me a free sundae. After dinner, we went over to Bryan’s house.

And a big fire.

A cool owl came over and hung out with us for like two hours. We named it Owley, the owl. He was pretty cool. His eyes had the intensity of the fire we cooked over.

Larry showed up after work and scared it away. Very sad. But, he gave me a Shanghai Bistro gift card. Which is … great. I only get free food there everyday.

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