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Computer Fans

Posted on Saturday May 31, 2008 at 1:00am in

So I bought a pair of these:

fans for my computer. My case seems to run hot and I wanted to cool it down by replacing the stock fans with fans with a higher CFM rating. I paid 20 dollars for the pair and I am starting to regret it. It seems that so far all these fans have managed to do is make my computer sound like a vacuum cleaner. It’s much more noisy compared to how it was before replacing the fans. These fans do move much more air than the stock fans that came with the case, but I dunno what to do now. The temps haven’t improved at all. I think I will go and get some fan adapters tomorrow and hook the fans up to my fan controller. If I turn the fans down to a lower setting and keep still keep the temperature down, then I will be in good shape. If not, I might just put the old ones back in.

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