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Back in the Dorms

Posted on Saturday August 30, 2008 at 1:00am in

I’m all moved back into the dorms now! I took a small panorama of the room set up… I’m pretty tired so I’ll keep this summary short. I started my job at First Net Impressions on Monday and it’s been pretty fun. Not much to say other than the time flies when working there and it’s enjoyable. On Wednesday, We went and saw Hamlet 2:

It was…interesting. I think it had a lot more potential in concept but the delivery was weak. Oh well, I guess.

Today I moved all of my stuff to the dorm and then set it all up (a very tiresome task…) Then, Brian, Jenna and Piper came over and we watched The Notebook.

It was pretty good, but sad. Now, time for sleep.

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