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Happy Death Magnetic Day!

Posted on Saturday September 13, 2008 at 1:00am in

Today Metallica’s highly anticipated 9th studio album was released. It’s been five years since their last album so I’ve been pretty excited to hear their new sound. Michael and I went up and got our copies at Shopko before work and since then I’ve listened to the entire thing. I’m very pleased! I figured I’d like it after hearing the singles and the reviews showing up online of it, but it’s great to hear it all first hand. It’s sad that Brothers in Arms didn’t make the album, but it probably wouldn’t have fit in with the rest of the tracks very well.

Moving on, after work Bryan and I went to what was left of the first Japanese Cultural Society Coffee Hour of the semester! I was super excited to see all the new faces and of course the familiar ones! I met lots of new people and actually got to talk a lot despite being an hour late. Coffee hour starts at 4 this semester and I work til 5 each Friday, so… I automatically miss the first hour! It’s sad because a lot of people leave after the first hour so I only get to talk to whoever feels like staying. I’m glad that it held together for an extra hour after Bryan and I showed up though.

After the Coffee Hour, Bryan and I went over to Davie’s theater to watch Reign Over Me. I’d already seen it and it’s one of my favorite movies so I thought Bryan would like it. After it was over, we walked up the hill for some eats and then went back to his dorm for some guitar playing and tv watching. It was a great day! And I have a feeling it’s going to be a good weekend.

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