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Posted on Monday September 15, 2008 at 1:00am in

This weekend was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics, but I will tell you all about it. Speaking of pictures, Sept. 23rd marks one year in the Picture a Day Project I started. Video to be posted soon!

Going from Saturday, I had guitar lessons in the morning. They’re getting harder! He expects a lot more from me and from now on I’m expected to bring in my own solos for lessons. But, I am learning a lot and I’m happy about that. After lessons, I went to the bank and then to the mall. I did some shopping and got a gift for Brian Burce (it was his burceday. (birthday)). I got him the Flight of the Conchords CD. I ordered a watch online (finally replacing my broken one from months ago).

Did some more shopping…ate…came back to the dorms and read for a while. After a quick nap, I went up to Bryan’s and had dinner with him. We then departed for Brian and Jenna’s for a Birthday Party Extravaganza. It was a lot of fun! We had about 15 people packed into the living room, a strobe light, balloons, a pinata, Jeff and Jim’s pizza…oh yeah, and squirt guns. We had a shootout in the hallway and got pretty much soaked. Other than that we all pretty much sat and talked for five hours in the living room. We met some new people and talked with some old friends. Monica is getting married right before I leave for Japan! Edit: someone did send me a photo I guess. It’s very candid though, everyone’s face is mid conversation.

After the party, Bryan and I watched a quick episode of the office at my dorm before going to sleep. Today, I woke up and went to work until five. After work I threw my laundry in the washer, ate with Bryan and then went to my parents’ house to pick a few things up. Then, I came back to the dorms and after looking for 45 minutes for a parking spot eventually found one about a mile away from my dorm. On the way to my dorm, I stopped at Bryan’s place for a few minutes. Later on, Jenna and Brian came over and we watched some more Spaced and an episode of the Office. It was a fun weekend!

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