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Saw V

Posted on Sunday October 26, 2008 at 1:00am in

Good news! I’m all better. Just in time for the weekend! Friday was a good day. Bryan and I have been watching the Kite Runner movie on Monday and Friday mornings. We’re almost done with it and it’s a pretty good representation of the book I think. After classes Friday I went to work at First Net. When work was done, it was Japanese Coffee Hour with Bryan and Mike. I went and saw my parents at Stella’s on Madison after Coffee Hour. We had drinks and various foods while we talked. When I left I went to hang out at Bryan’s for a bit.

Today I had guitar lessons in the morning. Next week we are recording rhythm tracks to solo over. Pretty exciting! After guitar lessons, I went to the bank and did some shopping. Then, I fell asleep at the dorms for a bit. Mackenzie was going to come over but we decided to just do dinner. Then, I met up with Jessie from JCS to go see Saw V. Here were my impressions:

The ads for this movie have been making it seem like this will be the last in the Saw series. However, the ending leaves an easy open if they want to do another one next Halloween. There were loose ends, and I think they’re getting lazy. The keystone in every Saw movie has been the surprise ending. However, Saw IV’s twist was weak and V lacked a surprise ending at all. On top of that, the makers have wandered away from the “Big Picture” games of the first two films and replaced it with lots of smaller games involving more people. I prefer it to be just one main event like in the first movie. It gives the film more direction, a set-amount of time, less gore for the sake of gore, and more character development (rather than just a bunch of nobodies). In summary, I think they are still putting an effort into these movies (they have been getting Tobin Bell back for each film, after all), but just falling short of my expectations. I don’t feel that III through V have really been worth my time. They just can’t seem to get back to the quality of the first and second films. I thought that V would tie the previous two movies together and make them a better experience overall, unfortunately not much was done to tie the films together other than showing that Jigsaw’s real successor has been with him since the very beginning. You know, now that I think of it, there has to be another Saw film. They left a large thing unexplained. I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it yet, but rest assured that there will be another Saw film next Halloween.

After the movie, I called Mackenzie and she said she already ate and didn’t feel like eating anymore. So, Jessie and I went to Target to get a few things and went back to campus to help JCS set up for the Folk Fair tomorrow. We set up and got things looking good. After that, we went up to Bryan and Mike’s dorm to play Rock Band for a while. Oh, Guitar Hero IV comes out tomorrow! Yep, good weekend so far.

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